As the end of the previous century was approaching, the almost cult-like following and enthusiasm for Subaru (Impreza) and Mitsubishi (Evo) performance cars in the United Kingdom embarked on a journey that no one could have predicted or imagined. Encouraged by their Japanese, Australian and New Zealand counterparts, British petrol heads simply could not resist the scope and potential to make, already brilliantly performing variants of the Impreza and (later) Evo, much more powerful, faster and – better in every aspect of high performance automotive tuning. In those days, UK Subaru dealers had the luxury of having to cope with the demand for the Impreza Turbo (as it was officially named) that wildly exceeded the supply. Waiting time for this affordable fast car stretched to well over a full calendar year and, needless to say, everyone had to pay the list price for this particular product!

At the same time, a small number of prolific and creative enthusiasts discovered the possibilities of individually importing superior JDM (Japan Domestic Market) Impreza and Evo directly into the UK. Alongside the standard version, Japanese market already enjoyed the even more advanced STI (Subaru Tecnica International) model of the Impreza Turbo. With increased power as standard from the factory, enhanced equipment, right-hand drive and to all intents ready to be made road-legal for use in the UK, imported Imprezas more often than not did not even cost as much as the less exciting Euro/UK version. And – that is where it all started for us, too.

Thanks to one of the more serious and quickly developing internet forums at the time, two hardcore motoring enthusiasts – Robert (Bob) Rawle from Wiltshire and Branko Bozic from Surrey - started to communicate and it did not take them long to realise that they happened to share far too many common frequencies, thoughts and ideas about "anything that moves – and moves fast". They both already owned different generations of JDM Imprezas and Bob has already been deeply involved in exploring and understanding some of the best aftermarket engine management systems available. After some months of serious dialogue and further understanding of what could be achieved, their personal and professional synergy led to the creation of BR DEVELOPMENTS – a business which was to specialise in custom programming (mapping) of engine management systems in Subaru and Mitsubishi performance cars!

Over the years, BR Developments has become one of the major forces in custom engine management mapping for Subaru and Mitsubishi products and during that time we have, gradually, become acquainted with other marques of high performance motorcars, as well. Bob Rawle's infinite talents as a most creative engineer and someone with complete understanding of the manner in which engine managements "think", let alone how this reflects on the actual behaviour of the engine, quickly found a very healthy ground with our fast growing customer base. While always aiming to get as much power and torque from our custom mapped cars as sensibly possible, we have equally put a lot of effort towards good driveability and smoothness in the way the engine reacted to its driver’s demands. We also paid detailed attention to ensuring that the overall package provided a solution that met the owners' objectives. At the same time, we recognised the importance of total reliability and ease of everyday use. Last, but not least, the fact we actually drove the cars under real time conditions on the road whilst being custom mapped (rather than implementing a rolling road facility with its artificial and limited benefits), made the results achieved even more respectable.

In the early days of our evolution, we started with the ubiquitous Link (PossumLink) engine management system from New Zealand. Then we mastered the high-end MoteC solution. Gradually, we familiarised ourselves with a wide range of engine management products available for Subaru and Mitsubishi performance cars and chose to work with those we deemed good enough to provide the results we would expect to achieve. Not such a long time ago, we proudly adopted the very first British solution of the kind – EcuTek – which enabled us to further stretch the envelope of possibilities, while retaining the original, manufacturer's ecu (engine control unit) as a starting point. We have developed a particular expertise in this area, including even the extremely difficult Subaru Legacy B4 Twin Turbo.

Recently, BR Developments began to expand its research into one of the most desirable of high performance car brands – Porsche – and we hope to become increasingly active in this domain before too long. We are also investigating the possibility of our involvement with a broader number of performance petrol and diesel vehicles where custom ecu mapping opens some of the more rewarding horizons.

Almost a decade later, as well as a few thousand cars with custom mapped engine management systems down the line, BR Developments continues to work, learn and develop its activities, both within the UK and, increasingly so, on an international level. Bob Rawle's custom mapping skills and his detailed knowledge of the products we work with, as well as a high level of general automotive engineering skill, have become a respected reference among the global community of Subaru and Mitsubishi owners and enthusiasts alike. Such a wealth of technical knowledge, combined with professional management of our business, has become a reference standard within the automotive performance aftermarket industry. We will do our very best to maintain and raise our standards of operation even further in the years to come.

Our sincere thanks to all those who have given us their trust and confidence to date. We are looking forward to getting acquainted to many more of you in the future for a long time to come.
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